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    Lightweight sports shoes

    A Boost technology that spawned the wave of shoes with Ultra Boost adidas Originals NMD, completely reversing the fate of adidas. At the same time adidas has been buried in research and development of new technologies, in addition to Tailored Fiber Placement with Germany and the United States a highly mechanized SPEEDFACTORY, just also released a new design concept AlphaBOUNCE.

    The past slow running shoes are EVA cushioning materials, the 21st century, Nike launched a wave of research and development, the brand has launched a new cushioning technology, and adidas with the world's most advanced chemical research and development BASF launch Boost, but continue to use EVA's Asics, still deep A senior run respected, God-level running shoes can be said to have not been shaken. AlphaBOUNCE used cushioning in the end, that is adidas carefully modified EVA material, the official description of it has excellent cushioning effect, the other hand, Boost is characterized by resilience, the expected two slow running shoes can correspond to different styles of runners.

    AlphaBOUNCE's body is also Prime Prime House, a new FORGEDMESH seamless, with "memory" of the "shark gill" design with the soles of the feet dynamic retractable, running shoes into the futuristic. Adidas R & D from the fragments seen on the irregular pattern of shoes by the designer staff point, between the point and the zebra between the wave point, very eye-catching, visual full marks. The whole pair of running shoes are also looming Yeezy Boost characteristics, is likely to become a new generation of shoes.

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