• Motorcycle sports

    Motorcycle sports

    As early as the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a number of undeveloped international motorcycle competitions were held in some industrialized countries in Europe in order to compare the performance of their respective motorcycles. 1904 in Paris suburbs held an international competition, the race route is 54 km circumference of the ring road, driving 5 weeks, a total of 270 km. Participate in the competition of five countries initiated the establishment of the "International Motor Sports Club Federation". In 1907, the union dissolved. 5 years later, by the British Automobile Federation proposal, but also to resume. Headquartered in London. In 1949 renamed the International Motor Sports Federation, in 1959 the headquarters moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

    Countries with high levels of motorcycling in the world are mostly developed countries in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. Since the founding of the International Motorcycle Federation so far, the World Motorcycle Championships location has been in Europe, the technological advantages are also in Europe. One important reason is that many European countries such as the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Austria and other countries have developed motorcycle manufacturing industry. Italy has more than 60 factories producing motorcycles, the domestic total of 7 million various types of motorcycles, the national population of 10% of the favorite motor sport, organizing domestic and international competitions more than 700 times, athletes a high level of technology, Repeatedly won the world championship and European champion. Overall, Asia is not as good as Europe. However, after the Second World War, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturing industry developed.

    Rapidly, with an annual output of millions of motorcycles, to carry out motorcycles to provide a solid material basis for the Japanese motorcycles have great development.

    With the help of motorcycles engaged in training and sports events. Motorcycles with small size, speed, mobility, cross-country good, easy to operate and so on. Motorcycles can be popularized in the basic knowledge of internal combustion engine, learning driving and maintenance techniques, physical exercise, training wit, brave, tenacious good style. Motorcycle sport has become a world sports vigorously.

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